The Land of Rhod 04 05 14

A topical talk show like no other, with broadcaster and comic Rhodders. On the show: Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is in trouble again. This past week a race row erupted when previously unseen footage came to late showing Clarkson possibly using the “N Word”.  Should the BBC have sacked him? Also Bricks, door knobs and faeces, these are just some of the strange items which have been sent to UKIP’S free postal address this week. Is this a legitimate form political protest or undemocratic abuse? And finally we consider one of life’s great equalisers, no matter who we are we will all, at some point, visit a motorway service station. Rhodders is joined by radio personality and service station enthusiast Watko. In his spare time  Watko drives up and down the M1 to review service stations for his rather peculiar “The services Podcast“. This podcast features BONUS material which wasn’t broadcast live on the night of the show.  Rhodders and Watko interview the service station nonsense in what will either be the best or worst bit of radio you never heard!