Stand and Deliver Podcast 14 Tom Mayhew

Tom Mayhew

On this show Rhodders chats to…

Tom Mayhew

Tom ends up interviewing Rhodders about:

his strange sayings, pre gig nerves, the pressure of comedy competitions, how Rhodders almost quit comedy and how he managed to enjoy it again, How Rhodders became a video game character, why bitter comics should just quit.

Tom talks to about: Winning King Gone, the power behind Tom’s subdued style, commanding the room despite playing low status, having an emotional awareness on and off stage, enjoying comedy for what it is, gimmick nights/ roast battles, how comedy has given Tom confidence, being a working class comic.

Also, Rhodders talked about an unusual and fun gig he had at The Junior Booker Show

Where to find Tom

Tom’s Podcast, “The 18% Podcast”


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