End of September Update

Hi guys here are some updates for you…

Off for a bit

You wont hear me on the air the week of Sep 30th as I am off on holls climbing. Dont miss me too much!

Idle Talk is idle for a bit

You might have guessed that Idle Talk my Philosophy radio show/ podcast is on hold at the mo. The show takes a lot of preparation and I have had a lot of other work commitments.  Idle Talk should return in mid October.

The land of Rhod

While Idle Talk has been on a break I have been doing doing a topical comedy show called the Land of Rhod. You can hear all the past episodes in full on my mixcloud or the podcast section of the site. Its a new format so your thoughts/ ideas are welcome email radio AT rhodders.com. Its a bit like an old show some of you may remember called Thank Rhod its Friday I did for a few years.

 Reading Comedy Festival New Act Competition

I am very excited to be performing Stand up at the Reading Comedy Festival new act competition. I aim to give it my best and see what happens. Ether way it will be a great night of free comedy. All the info can be found by clicking HERE

 A Rhodders remix

And last but not least The very talented but slightly nutty Espy has made a “Rhodders remix” using a clip from my show. Hear it here- http://tmblr.co/Zxt3Lqw3YP8X