Idle Talk 02 08 12 “Ethics, Olympics and Doping”

In the words of Will I Am”That’s dope man!” With the Olympics still taking over London the show this week is about the ethics of substance doping and Gene doping in sports. Rhodders’ guest this week is Nick Harding, a masters student in ethics and political theory from the University of Reading. Nick and Rhodders argue over the ethics of gene dopingvin sport, should be banned or regulated? Are there implications for the future?

This week we discuss: Rhodders goes to the Olympics to watch badminton, security at the Olympics is nuts, how the various nationalities cheer, Babington is controversial, match fixing goes against the Olympic ideal, Olympism is still alive in part, Rhodders becomes an Olympic correspondent for double talk radio dispite knowing nothing about sport!, Olympic judo, defining substance doping, defining a “drug”, treatment or enhancement? Ye Shiwen doping allegations, defining gene doping, we could end up with mutant athletes with superpowers, sports scientists, Gene doping arguments, difficulties with defining the term drug, regulating drugs and gene therapy within sports, difficult to define boundaries and rules with regards to enhancement in sports.