Idle Talk 07 07 13 Can Films be Philosophical?

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This week the  topic is can films be philosophical?  We argue over how suitable the medium of film is in articulating philosophical questions and ideas when compared to books. Are films better than books or they simply suited to different purposes? Should films be kept for the primary reason that of entertainment? Please write in/calling with films you think are in some way philosophical. We also took calls and messages from listeners about what films they considered to be philosophical.

Rhodders’ guest co-host is philosophy graduate and soon-to-be student of the Met film school Siobhán O’Reilly. Long-time listeners may remember as producer Siobhán 2.0 from Rhodders’ Junction11 breakfast show! Follow her antics on twitter @SiobhanScarr.



Can film be a philosophical by David Davis -Mcgill University