Idle Talk 20 10 12 “What’s your favourite colour? And does it exist?”

This week we are talking about colours. Is the world coloured or not? Are objects such as green hedges, red roses and yellow bananas really coloured? Or is the colour we experience only in our mind? Nicola is cohost.

On the show: in “the philosophy of news”  we have a rather facile conversation about Iran and nuclear weapons, leading by example, following your own moral imperatives and Gok Wan! Also: what is colour, is my colour orange the same as yours? Colour blindness, naive realism, Berkeley and idealism, sense data theory, John Locke, Rhodders launches his new website, Nicola hates red websites (sorry!), appearance and reality, argument from allusion, can you trust your senses? Do you dream in colour?Rhodders rides a giraffe in his dreams,  a conversation about synesthesia leads Rhodders to sing a Cure song!