Idle Talk 22-07-12 “what is success?”

Idle talk “a sideways look at pop culture and life with a philosophical slant. In the co-host corner is  illustrator Nicola Patten. The main themes on this weeks show where: success, status anxiety and graduate employment.

This week we discuss: The Dark Knight shooting and #bailoutaurora, Instagram is silly, how do you define success, success and status, stupid theories that use precise figures on things that are impossible to quantify, Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton, do material things really give us genuine status? People choosing not to go to university because of the fees, Hobbies bringing you success, we talk to Galina, a recent grad, who has some views on graduate employment and how to get jobs, petty squabbleing between Rhodders and  Nicola over who has the best phone!