Idle Talk 23 12 12 “The false premise of presents”

“Oh come let us Adorno him!” It’s our Christmas special. At this time of year it is customary to buy lots of presents, this week’s topic was “The false premise of  presents”. We examine Adorno’s  “Articles may not be exchanged” form his book “Minima Moralia”. In this he argues that the art of gift giving is  lost. Capitalism’s obsession with material goods and exchange values has reduced what was once a very human and compassionate act to a mere transaction or social habit. People give only to receive, do not consider the receiver properly and therefore treat the receiver like an object. Is Adrono correct or is he being an old Scrooge? Speaking of whom, we also briefly discuss  Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and its links to capitalism. Nicola also pops in to talk about Christmas presents.


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