Idle Talk 30 06 13 What is beauty?

This week’s topic is What is beauty? Everybody thinks they have an idea of beauty, they can point out a beautiful person, a beautiful painting etc but where do we get this conception of beauty from?  why is it we can call a landscape and a person beautiful despite the obvious differences? (Perhaps One Direction can help!) To give an arty perspective freelance illustrator Nicola Patten was co host. We received lots of great calls and messages this week.We examined two ideas concerning our conception of beauty. Denis Dutton’s  Darwinian theory  claims that our ideas concerning what we find beautiful are hardwired into our brain by Revolution area adaption. Bourdieu’s  explanation concerns a sociological account which argues that our concept of beauty is determined by our upbringing and education.If you have any comments please add to the debate by commenting or e-mailing- radio AT


TED Talks. Denis Dutton: A Darwinian theory of beauty.

 Pierre Bourdieu-  A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste