Idle Talk LIVE THURSDAY 14th Match 9pm

Idle Talk is Rhodders’ philosophy based radio show/podcast aimed at making philosophy interesting and accessible for everyone. This week  the show is live at the different time of Thursday 9pm over at Join in the debate in the chart room and on Skype using the name-


This week we force ourselves to think before we speak as we delve into the philosophy of language and examine the problem of vagueness.

An example of a phrase that is vague in the philosophical sense could be “If you cut one head off of a two headed man, have you decapitated him?” It is vague because it involves borderline cases. We will examine why  vagueness is a genuine practical problem. We shall also be examining vagueness in greater depth by discussing the sorites paradox with Joshua Matthews, philosophy undergraduate and president of the philosophy Society at the University of Reading.