Junction11 FINAL Show 25-06-12

So this is it, Rhodders swansong, the final countdown, so long and thanks for all the fish, etc. After three years on Junction11 Radio Rhodders has reached his last show. Relive all the mayhem with this extra long edition of the podcast.

On the final show: Phil the balmy Brummie is in the Co-host Corner, Rhodders has a message for Junction11’s Management next year, saying goodbye to people sucks, we have our second exclusive interview with the indie Rock band Kites, Alex Mankoo from the band Shout Timber joins us for a chat and plays Rhodders’ theme song + a couple of his own tracks, we have once thought experiments with James, we hear Rhodders highlights from the past 3 years, Rhodders gives his farewell speech.+ Tons more.

Thank you to all who have listened to the show over the years. This is not the end but the beginning, follow Rhodders on facebook and Twitter for details of a new show starting mid July.