Land of Rhod 14 09 14 Scottish Independence

The Scottish independence referendum is mere days away. Where you are an an “Aye” or an “och aye the NOO”? Rhodders tires to get to the heart of the debate. Rhodders is joined by comedian  Erich McElroy. American Erich McElroy got himself a British passport and now it appears the Scottish section is under threat.

His show “The British Referendum It’s not just about you, Scotland” was one of  only ‘No’ shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this year Erich has appeared on ITV Borders, BBC Four Edinburgh special and Newsnight.

On The Land of Rhod Erich engages  in a  lively debate with “Yes” voter  and Dunfermline  resident Garry Evens.

Other topics include  why Nigel Farage is finding the independence referendum so funny. Also, its getting wild in Wigam! Councillor Robert Bleakley has been disciplined and banded for talking to female staff  after calling  sex chat lines from his work phone and sending abusive texts.

You can see Erich McElroy’s Scottish independence show one last time on Tuesday 15th at the Museam of Comedy in London info-