Listen again: Rhodders and Spike

If you missed my One-off special with Spike Hammond don’t worry, it’s available as a podcast on Mixcloud.

WARNING- Contains some bad language.
For the first time, during the last week of 1Radio Rhodders teams up with Spike, 1Radio veteran and Kiss FM Algarve presenter. Rhodders and the uncontrollable Spike bring you one of the strangest radio shows that ever be on air: On the show: Best and worst Christmas presents, Rhodders meeting with Spike at Croydon Radio, Spike plays the kazoo, the horse meat scandal, The end of 1Radio, Spike getting fired from Hospital Radio, Rhoddes and Spike talk Standup + loads more nonsense!

It’s like Rhodders only better- Rhodders and Spike 28 12 13 by Rhodders on Mixcloud