Paul Foot interview

Rhodders meets Paul Foot- 48min in.

The Plugcast – Ladies First, Lyricist Second, Comedian Last! – June 2015 by Runplugged on Mixcloud

Recently the Reading Unplugged podcast sent me to interview one of my all time favorite comedians, Paul Foot. We recorded the interview in Paul’s dressing room at the South Street Arts Center in Reading. Paul had just got of stage after performing “The Hovercraft Symphony in Gammon # Major”. He was every bit as interesting and eccentric as I had hoped he would be!

Paul talked to me about artistic integrity,  staying unique, his frustration during his early years on the comedy club circuit, his family, alternative comedy, Eddie Izard and much more.

Thanks to Paul Foot for talking the time to talk to me. For info and tickets visit

Paul Foot and Rhodders