Rhodders Returns- Alumni show for Junction11’s 18th

To celebrate the 18th birthday of Reading University’s student radio station, junction 11, a number of alumni were invited back to present one more show.

Rhodders managed to track down his old gang and drag them out of their post uni life for one more show. Reunited Rhodders, producer Siobhan 2.0 and news Bozo Chris embarked on what can only be described as an hour-long showcase of silliness, daft features and irreverent rambling.

On the show: We try and think of a new marketing slogan for Reading University, The team find out how out of touch with students they are, Siobhan’s friend Edith becomes an agony aunt.

Classic features include- What’s Gone Wrong Siobhan?, Chris’ News and Thought experiments with James.

Thanks for having up back Junction11!

Also available on Mixcloud.