Show 10th November

Tune in Wednesday the 3nd at 5:30PM UK time on Junction11 where ever you are.

On the show this week…

On Wed 10th Rhodders and Chris will be attending the NUS ” Fund our Future Stop the Cuts” Demo in London. This means the show will be prerecorded from a hospital radio station on the evening of Sunday 7th. However this doesn’t stop you lot contributing to this weeks chapter in Rhodders’ Student Survival guide.

Chapter 4: Nightclub etiquette

imagine you have walked into a nightclub for the first time – what would you assume is the proper way to behave at one of these establishments? What one rule would you think it was necessary to follow? Send us your ridiculous suggestions By 7pm on Sunday 7th Nov. Leave a comment below or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.


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  1. “When talking to the opposite sex, never talk about the guys you’re with. Only yourself and the other person. Especially if it’s a chance encounter”

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