Show on 5th May Scott Mills and a political interview

That’s right. Actual Scott Mills off of actual Radio 1 will be on Rhodders’ show this Wednesday (5th May) from 4pm UK time 11am EST at Rhodders caught up with the popular radio DJ at the Student Radio Conference, so make sure you tune in to hear what he has to say.  To add to the fun this week, we get the low-down from a politician and we will also launch our new student exam to find out if Reading students really can live up to the stereotype. As usual we want to hear from you leading up to and during the show, so get in touch with Rhodders in the usual fashion either by leaving a comment or visiting him on Facebook.


1. What’s the worst (or best) way that you’ve been woken up?

2. Have you ever had a problem with a noisy/ annoying neighbour or room mate? If so how did you deal with them?


2 Replies to “Show on 5th May Scott Mills and a political interview”

  1. Worst way to be woken up. In a high rise Hotel in San Francisco when an earthquake literally woke me up by moving my bed around the room.

    Noisy work mate who spends the day gentling whistling through his teeth…nonstop. I’ve discovered that if I give him chewing gum several times a day I can manage the noise.

  2. 1. Having a cat dropped on my face by a friend, that wasn’t fun…

    2. Yes, my current neighbour… very nice guy, but his voice just keeps getting louder and louder when speaking in Chinese throughout the night (he and his friends make some odd sounds…), so I just slap on my dressing gown, squint my eyes, put on a tired voice and just say to him and his friends “Guys, I’m just trying to sleep…” Usually works… for about 10 minutes.

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