Stand and Deliver Podcast 10 Patrick Monahan and Lily Lovett

Lily Lovett and Patrick Monahan

On this show Rhodders chats to…

Patrick Monahan and Lily Lovett

Patrick Monahan blends a high energy comedy style with engaging topical and observational material. A master of crowd work, able to unleash a joyous brand of mayhem in any room.

Lily Lovett has worked extensively in television, film and theatre as an actress. Most known for playing Rachel in The Inbetweeners series and film, as well as roles in Silent Witness, Cuffs and numerous sitcoms.

Patrick talks about: how every audience is the same, how he felt about Kate Chopstick saying that his style is just “titting around”, why hedoes not always take critics seriously, winning ITV’s Show Me The Funny, how he spends a lot of time writing despite being known for improvising, how performers cope with a mouth at the Edinburgh Fringe, how he maintains his enthusiasm for standup, why comedy is the best job in the world.

Lilly Lovett appears and we talk about the transitioning from acting to a live fringe shows, Pat and Lilly’s Fringe dating show, the risks and positive aspects about working as a couple, giving each other criticism.

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