Stand and Deliver Podcast 9 Simon Caine

On this show Rhodders chats to…

Simon Caine

Simon Caine is one of comedy’s great DIY independent acts. Over the last few years Simon has been steadily building an audience via his national tours and podcasts. This has been achieved without the help of an agent or any kind of representation

Simon talks about: being booked to play audiences you are very different to, how making fun of a difficult topic is not the same as making light of it, why he thinks just being funny is not enough, comedy and freedom of speech, how many jokes about Trump detract from the real issues, the limitations online movements such as #metoo, why he chose to pursue performing hour long shows and why he turned down the best job offer he has ever had.

We also hear from Steve N Allen who talks candidly about everything Edinburgh Fringe, including comedy critics and how the Fringe works.

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