Stand and Deliver podcast episode 21 Geoff Steel

Geoff has won over many a crowd with his punch line packed sets and unpredictable ad-libs. He is also the master/disaster mind behind Reading’s longest running comedy gig, Go On My Sun.

Rhodders and Geoff talk about: Running a gig in the middle of the pub, how the gig started, what can make his gig hard to play and what makes it well worth performing at, what you can learn from the gig, being forced to ad-lib, knowing when to cut your set short, when your final joke of the set does not work, why starting a set is the hardest part, taking advantage of the room you are performing in, long car trips plus, how to remember material plus more.

We also hear from Jake Baker, Tom Law and David Mulholland.

Music by Adam Weikert

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