The Best of HRR podcast episode 4

As well as presenting a request show on Hospital Radio Reading I also produce their best of podcast.

In this edition you get to hear  one of the silliest features I have done in quite some time, “NEIGHme or not” a Grand National guessing game. I admit it was just an excuse for me to make horse noises on the radio! Also This episode is our League of Friends Summer Fete special. We where live from the fete and spoke to lots of people including: Hazel at the League of Friends stall, Guide Dogs for the Blind, The holly Brook dog walkers, Jean O’Callaghan (Chief Exec of the Royal Berkshire Hospital) and loads more people.
Also Gerard sets sets a extremely difficult quiz, Jan in the Whitley Ward takes on our “NEIGHme or not” Grand National game. Plus we have another one of mad Martin’s moments!