The Land of Rhod 06 07 14

A topical talk show like no other, with broadcaster and comic Rhodders.

On this week’s show: like it or not fanged footballer Luis Suarez seems to be a role model. Recently a 7 year old was caught apparently copying the infamous bite attack. We ask with such a high pressure game is it fair or even realistic to expect footballers to be good role models? To help answer this question Rhodders is joined by Pete Donaldson from The Football Ramble Podcast and Absolute Radio. Find The Football Ramble Podcast at

Facebook has come under criticism after it was discovered they have been conducting psychological experiments on users without their knowledge. Does this put you off Facebook?

Also, the Office of Rail Regulation have fined Network Rail a whopping £90 million for late trains. The fine money will be spent on installing superfast WiFi. Rhodders is incensed and questions whether this is the best use of the money.