The Land of Rhod is no more… for now.

I am sad to say that I am stopping my topical talk show on A1Radio. This mean reason is technical problems. Both my computers in my studio are beyond repair. The whole studio needs rebuilding. Secondly It’s a very busy time. I am currently involved in 4 radio stations and trying to do more standup. As much as I would like to one cant do it all. The podcasts of all the old shows will remain available for you to download.

Thanks to everyone who has listened in live or downloaded a podcast. Its an odd show and a work in progress. Thanks to every one who has contributed in peculiar Steve N Allen Comedian who cohosted on many shows. Until I can return Westy will be presenting “The Land After Rhod” from 7pm to 8pm on Sundays. Be nice to him.

I leave you with one more questions. Upon my return what do you want from the show?

May debate and good fun never be switched off.