Idle Talk 02/09/12 – Lessons for Life, From the Mosh Pit

Rhodders is back after a holiday from the show. During this holiday he went to a music festival. This week we discussedĀ Joe Dunthorne’s idea thatĀ “mosh pit psychology” could help us live our everyday lives more peacefully and happily. Prior to discussing this main topic there is a lot of inane rambling about In the Night Garden and children’s television!

Tonight we talk about: in the night Garden being scientifically analysed, children’s television that doesn’t try and preach morality,in the night Garden is better than Eastenders and Hollyoaks, Rhodders standup Gig in Brighton,how does your response to someone annoy you change depending on whether you are at a music festival or commuting by train? the morality of mosh pits, self policing of crowds at gigs, humans acting like a pack, mosh pits are not as aggressive as the world outside,people who just except pushing in at gigs are far happier than people who resist, if someone annoys you at a gig you’re inclined to tell them that outside music if this is really difficult, what can we learn we act at gigs and apply it to the rest of life? an amusingĀ  Australian advert for train etiquette “goon on you Jim”!