Idle Talk 12 08 12 Crime, punishment and Revenge

Despite feeling a little under the weather Rhodders struggles through some of today’s big issues.  Starting with the sport, moving on to the justification of criminal punishment and ending in a shooting! Our guest this week is Niall Norbury a politics and philosophy graduate from the University of Reading . He helps us explore the issues surrounding revenge and criminal punishment with his interesting take on the Colorado Shootings. He claims that the most shocking element of the massacre is people’s reactions to it read his post here-

This week we discuss: with the Olympics and Paralympics coming to an end the government want to force everyone to do  sports in school, competition in sports can ruin them, how competitive the sport need to be, why do we punish criminals? Consequentialists versus Retributivist arguments for punishment, a victim’s perspective, is revenge justifiable? Mixed theories of punishment, what is really shocking about the dark night shooting in aurora, why  state sanctioned revenge is morally dubious.