Idle Talk 11 11 12- “Fame! I want to live forever…”

This week’s topic is fame and the cult of celebrity. Illustrator Nicola is in the co host corner. We try to answer the questions: “why do we care about celebrities? What is a celebrity? Why do people want to be famous? And is there sociological need for a cult of celebrity?

This topic was inspired by Rhodders’ small taste of showbiz at the student radio awards and the latest episode of the brilliant “Partially Examined life” Podcast episode about fame. Download that show here-

We also discuss: infamous and famous, famous for being famous, paparazzi, living vicariously through celebrities, society needs celebrities,  interpretations of Andy Warhol’s “”five minutes of fame” quote, Boorstin’s definition of celebrity,I’m a celebrity, Olympic athletes becoming celebrities, YouTube celebrities, the impact of the Internet, pretending to be famous on twitter, the Xfactor, Nicola meeting Paul Daniels, the fame of Justin Bieber + loads more.

Thanks to everyone who called in to the live show.