No show tomorrow, Summer fun on Sunday and Rhodders’ birthday bonanza!

Yep, it’s those darn exams again stopping Rhodders from doing a show on 26th May, so the usual Wednesday afternoon show is cancelled this week. But, just in case you’re not getting your fill of Rhodders mayhem, there are a couple of super special shows coming up.

On Sunday 30th May at 4pm UK time 11am est Rhodders will be broadcasting a Summer Sunshine Special live from his garden – weather permitting! Make sure you tune in live at and check out the live video stream too at on stickam. It will be full of the usual madness plus some extra summery antics and great tunes to suit the sunshine.

And next Wednesday is Rhodders’ 20th birthday! Nope, it’s not just a shameless plug for birthday greetings, it’s also an excuse to do a birthday bonanza show on Junction 11! Make sure you tune in for some unique features and wacky banter at at 4pm UK time 11am est on Wednesday 2nd June – and don’t forget to wish Rhodders happy birthday!

Finally, check out the show schedule for all the info, including details of Rhodders’ student radio show, which is broadcast every Monday at 8pm UK time 3pm est on

As ever, we would love to hear from you so leave a comment if you want to get in touch with Rhodders before or during the show.