Summer Sunshine Special LIVE from Rhodders’ garden Sunday 30th may

Weather looks set to stay dry tomorrow so from 4pm UK time 11am EST make sure you tune in to the Summer Sunshine Special on Rhodders will have the Professor on the show to give his Party Report, where only the best and craziest parties are reviewed. He’ll also be playing the best in Summer tunes live from his garden as well as taking part in the most athletic quiz on radio. Don’t forget you can also watch the madness unfold as we stream the show live at As usual, Rhodders wants to hear from you so get in touch before and during the show by leaving a comment here or getting in touch with him on Facebook.


1. What themed parties have you been to where the theme just doesn’t work? e.g. foam party, vegetable party

2. Tell us your examicdotes – has anything exciting or unusual happened to you during the exam period?


2 Replies to “Summer Sunshine Special LIVE from Rhodders’ garden Sunday 30th may”

  1. 2. During my french GCSE I had a mixture of the higher and foundation papers so I did 4 extra questions to everyone in the country. I think it helped me get an A though…

    I also broke my foot 2 weeks ago. And was not allowed both my crutches into my chemistry exam due to ‘space issues’ in case of a fire. Just so happened that the alarm went off 3 times.. So I had to hop in and out of the exam room. Fun times!

    P.s. Love you shivvi! 🙂

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