Stand and Deliver Podcast episode 23 Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana interview podcast

For the last 20 years Colt Cabana has travelled around the world as a professional wrestler. His hybrid comedic style along with his in ring skills have made Colt one of the most in-demand wrestlers on the circuit. His love of standup comedy drew him to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where his show “Commentary to Bad Wrestling Matches” has been entertaining crowds for over 7 years.

Rhodders and Colt talk about: How Rhodders and Colt giged together, comedy in wrestling, how wrestling can be similar to standup, how wrestling being viewed as an art opens more possibilities, so called “smart” fans, how wrestling can follow the format of “setup” and “punch line”, adapting to different types of audience, comparing the structure of a standup set to a wrestling match, performing at The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, Colt’s first standup show, Colt’s show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Music by Adam Weikert

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