Stand and Deliver podcast episode 24 Steve N Allen

​Steve N Allen can be seen on the BAFTA nominated “The Mash Report” on BBC2. As a stand-up Steve has performed in comedy clubs all across the UK and Europe. Steve is also a radio host and can currently heard on BBC Radio Kent.

Rhodders and Steve talk about: meeting at Reading107 FM, how doing his first standup show lead him towards radio, why he decided to give standup anther go, why radio presents always think they are funny, if there are transferable skills between radio to standup, leaning to control the fear that comes with standup, the state of UK local radio, getting out of full-time radio at the right time, Why Steve’s 2019 Fringe show “Better Then” was less news related then his previous shows, The Mash Report, if it harder to do satire with today’s political climate, being accused of bias, BBC impartiality, how it feels going from 20min sets in a club to 60min shows at the Fringe.

We also hear Rhodders catch up with Josh Massen at the Fringe.

Music by Adam Weikert

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